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CNN mistakes mesothelioma for lung cancer

This is a fairly common error in the well-known media – thinking mesothelioma is a way of united states. In mesothelioma, the growth is on the mesothelium, which is the coating of the pleural hole. In united states, the growth is in the bronchi cells.

In this case, the tale was on Dana Reeve, the widow of Captain christopher Reeve, who passed away of united states at age 44. Most (but not all) situations of united states can be linked to cigarette smoking. In the well-known creativity, all united states sufferers used, but that is not actually true.

Dana Reeve said she never used, but she got melanoma anyway. The CNN tale says “other aspects associated with united states consist of contact with mesothelioma or excellent viral particles.” I understand that reporters do not want to spend some time and space describing that mesothelioma causes mesothelioma, which is not the same as united states, but it still sometimes irks me.



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